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  I had the opportunity of taking drawing and painting classes at the beginning of the 90’s, in my city, Lima, Peru. After several years using oil and charcoal, I found another medium that captivated me on a very special way: “film”.

Through the use of make up, costumes, lighting and color, I try to create a “window” for the viewer to step inside the deep mood in which the character is immersed. The same concept is applied to my “objects”, as in my picture: “Liverpool doors”. The use of light, perspective and color pose the question of which emotions can you expect behind those doors instead of documenting a place.

The harlequin and mime character exert a special fascination on me, I’ve been using it as a white canvas in search of my own identity as a person and as an artist. The great influence for my work were several postcards from beginning of the 19th century that I found about 20 years ago in my grandmother’s drawer when she passed away. The excitement that those postcards produced on my young soul still inspires me on my every day work as an artist. The use of “poetic models” in those old fashion postcards, always located in created spaces were like confessions of the most intimate thoughts. Unfortunately today, those romantic and melancholic visions are becoming things of the past.

In my images I’m trying to regain that “glamour of feeling”, the instinctive moving response of the viewer when observing an object or a face trapped on an intense performed moment.
I graduated from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale in 2001, where I started using a computer in my work. I always wanted to find a “place” where my pictures and paintings can blend together. Through the use of “Photoshop” I was able to mix both mediums, obtaining more bizarre and dreamlike illustrations, like “Ghosts” where my images meet in one unique space. 35 mm film and oils are used on a same expression

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